Android Q : What’s New ?

Android Q Beta 1 is the new update for android platform. There are some amazing features hidden in the developer options or even deeper in the new update. Letโ€™s take a look into some features in detail.

Android Q Update Timeline
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Google has divided its beta release into six releases. We currenly have the March beta 1 release. Take a look at the Android Q Beta program overview. Android Q beta is currently supported to all Pixel devices (Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL).

The beta 1 looks fine and everything works well, and there are some minor bugs and design flows, though, hope that the issues will be sorted before the release. Let’s find out the new features in Android Q, that google has made so far,

  1. Quicker App Launch Time

With the introduction of Android Q Beta opening apps has become a lot quicker and easier than the previous android versions.

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  1. Privacy Protection

Android has released frequent Security updates in the past to improve the usersโ€™ privacy and security and it has continued to the newest Q beta.

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Some of these advanced features include file-based encryption, locking down camera/mic background access, encrypted backups, lockdown mode, Google Play Protect, OS controls requiring apps to ask for permission prior to accessing the sensitive resources, etc. Android Q beta has included more control over different apps and their access to shared files.This is considered to be one of the biggest updates and enhancements to Android Q.

  1. Dark Mode

Google has slowly added dark modes to their own apps over the past and finally it is now available for Android Q Beta.

There are many ways to enable dark mode to your pixel device. The easiest way to turn on dark mode is to simply turn on Battery Saver mode. This will instantly change all of your menus to dark theme.

  1. Screen recording

Many third party Android applications has offered the screen recording feature but being able to record your screen without an app is amazing, however, Android Q Beta has listed the feature under developer option.

Open Settings menu and click on the Developer Options. From there, youโ€™ll find a flag titled “settings screenrecord long press.” Toggle that on, you’re ready to record your screen.

  1. Sharing Shortcuts

Sharing is now made easy with more cleaner and easier to share content out of one app and into another.In fact, Google is in the process of expanding the Shortcut info API for streamlining the process of integration. The API will also enlist the pre-Android Q devices for using their functionalities in the Direct Share. You can get an early sample app source code.

The first beta of Android Q brings some smaller changes and fixes that are missed over the previous android versions. If you liked the article, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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