Learn Biology

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Learn Biology provides variety of subjects with many useful information. Explore the subjects and study them one by one. You'll be able to track them by completing each subjects on the go. The contents are separated as a Biology eBook. you can event get notes from it. We have categorized eighteen main subjects with sub categories. The main subjects as follows, 1. Introduction to Biology 2. Molecules 3. Origin of Life 4. Structure of a Cell 5. Membranes 6. Photosynthesis 7. DNA : The Genetic Material 8. Genes 9. Evolution of Humans 10. The Biosphere 11. Viruses 12. Bacteria 13. Protists 14. Fungi 15. Mollusks and Annelids 16. Arthropods 17. Echinoderms 18. The Immune System Benefits in using the application ---------------------------------------------------- 1. You can track the progress of each individual subjects by marking them complete. 2. Can search the preferred subjects which you are looking for. 3. Be able to access the application offline ( No Internet required ).